Tunesday – P-Model “2D or not 2D”

P-Model has been active since 1976 and is going strong. They inspired one of my favourite bands, Polysics, which I will definitely be posting a lot of here – stay tuned!

Here is a little ditty from 1992. Enjoy the midi harpsicord and the Shakespeare references… also, check out those sweet graphics!

Tunesday – Too Many Zooz – “F-Note” (full EP)

This gem was selected for me by Spotify for my “Discovery Weekly” playlist a week ago, and I gotta say, Spotify, you know me well!

From a quick google, Too Many Zooz are from NYC, and live on bandcamp. You may have come across a video of them playing in a subway system around the world somewhere, because I think I saw one of those on facebook before. If anything, these guys deserve a viral buzz.

Why you’d like this EP

  • It’s 16 minutes of lively cowbell and horns
  • There’s a delightful cover of “Get Busy” by Sean-ah-Paul which should bring you back to an awkward school dance in the good ol’ days of grade six where you wanted to dance, but weren’t comfortable with the grinding everyone around you seemed to be doing. (The fact that I was a twelve year old who “grinded” makes me a little uncomfortable with my personal history, ha ha)
  • “Zooz” spelled with an extra z

Tunesday – Miike Snow “Genghis Khan”


This “Tunesday” I bring you a super villain for the modern era, with that vintage touch you’ve been longing for.

Things I love about this music video:

  • The villain’s eye roll when his shift is over
  • The guard who says “ooo” at 1:40
  • The adorable dance (Who wants to learn it with me?)
  • The martini in bed

Turns out villian, is actually spelled “villAIn”. Learning something new every day, like today, where I learned that I didn’t know how to correctly spell villain. With enough repetition I should be able to commit that to memory, like how a villain commits crimes regularly, and also how said villain committed the horrific murder of his/her parents to memory and vowed revenge/vengence, thus inspiring his/her life of crime and plotting. I think I can spell villain now.

Tunesday – Fleur East – “Sax”


This song came on my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist a while back, and –good god– is it catchy!

It’s a made for radio hit, but it’s got that 70’s vibe that gives it a little more kick, en mon avis. Plus, she’s so fit (actually athletic fit) #bodygoals2016.

Put on your dancing shoes and blast this song. You wont regret it.