TUNESDAY: “Money” by That Poppy

My friend sent me a facebook message: “Have you heard about Poppy? I have a feeling you would like her. She’s weird.” With accolades like that I had to take a look. A quick google search led me to, not her own videos, but instead page after page of “Youtube Conspiracy Theory” videos analyzing the pastel creepiness that is Poppy. I do love things creepy and weird, but this does seem a little too forced. Not enough story? I’m not sure. I do admire her dedication to the narrative, speaking in third person in all her interviews and what not. And her comments on human’s relationships with technology. It might be attention grabbing, but is it enough to maintain our attention? In the end, I admire the attempt at doing something different, putting something odd out there. Good for you, Poppy and her producer overlord Titanic Sinclair. Oh, and Titanic? 100 points to you for having an amazing name.

I want to see behind the scenes of Poppy so bad! I mean, she “reacted” to “Kids react to Poppy” by quoting herself with the same intonation and did not react at all. Her performance deserves applause at the least!

Odd internet presence aside, her music is wonderfully pop-y… geddit?

Was today’s song a hit or a miss? Let me know in the comments below! Song recommendations are always welcome!


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