TUNESDAY: “Magnets” by Disclosure ft. Lorde


Uh-oh, dancin’ past the point of no return
Let go, we can free ourselves of all we’ve learned
I love this secret language that we’re speaking
Say it to me, let’s embrace the point of no return

I will admit I didn’t much like this song when I first heard it. I can’t explain why. I also cannot explain why, after stumbling upon it in the list of recommended/related videos on youtube, it became my new obsession. Is it because the guy she dances with/has an affair with/murders reminded me of David Tennant… and therefore is quite a looker? Is it because the video is beautifully moody with its deep rich purples contrasted with pale blue and vibrant grass green? Is it because the hook is really catchy (probably this one is the culprit, though the other things don’t hurt). This song had me frantically downloading Disclosure’s album Caracal so that I could listen to the rest of it during my commute… and almost made me late in the process. In my opinion, this song is the strongest on the album, but I have a feeling that with enough repetition, the other song will grow on me too.  

I have a weak spot for Disclosure. I dislike most of their music (I fall madly in love, go to check out the rest of their music and it leaves me flat. Ah well), but they have made a few songs that have got me right in my musical achilles. The My first Disclosure love was “Latch” ft. Sam Smith. This song would come on at work (two years before it became a radio hit, oddly enough) bewitching myself and my fellow servers. We were hooked.

Was today’s song a hit or a miss? Let me know in the comments below! Song recommendations are always welcome!

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