TUNESDAY: “Shaky Hands” by Foxtrott


Is this St. Vincent and David Byrne writing songs together again? Oh I wish. At least it sounds so much like it that I am hooked. A steady beat accompanied by alto horns… is that a Tuba I’m hearing? This is the first Foxtrott song I’ve heard, but if the rest of their music is like this I’m definitely going to have to check them out.

The music video for this song looks hella cool too. Modern dance, masks and perpetual quarry rock faces. I couldn’t help but think of cyriak’s masterpiece “cows & cows & cows.”


I think this the Shaky Hands music video is definitely a fascinating video worth checking out… for the skillful editing alone. Feel free to impose any metaphor about the grueling grind of life onto this video as you see fit.

— p.s. I have since listened to a few other of Foxtrott’s songs. I like them, but can’t help but notice they share a similar tone. Many songs have an almost mechanical and marching drum beat to them. Definitely will give them another listen though.

Was today’s song a hit or a miss? Let me know in the comments below! Song recommendations are always welcome!

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